New in-store photo printing for smartphones

Snapprint reinvents the photo printing in-stores with the first service specifically designed for smartphones

Suitable for any kind of store


Also for non photo specialized shops: mobile phone stores, stationery, decoration, convenience stores … The important thing is to be in the right place and to offer a nice shopping experience

Increase your sales and customer flow

Instant print

Millions of photos are taken every day and many of them pass in front of your store in the hands of potential customers. Instant printing is now an opportunity.

Affordable and user friendly solution


Nowadays, Smartphones are not only cameras but also the place where more photos are stored. Snapprint sends pictures directly from client’s smarphones to a printer, with minimal space and investment.

How it works?

Snapprint is really the simplest way to print instantly from Smartphones on store in 3 simple steps.

QR Code

Scan the QR code of the type of printing you want


Select pictures from your smartphone, Facebook or Instagram

Pick up and pay

Pick up and pay your order at the counter.

Download here the free Snapprint app

Download here the free Snapprint app

Contact us

Contact us to get more info, organize a videoconference or request a demo. We’ll be glad to help you


Use the links below to get all technical details and FAQs related to the product. For further question, please always contact Imaxel at

Free app

Free app for your customers

App that allows scanning and make direct orders, available on  App Store and Google Play


App for the operator

App that allows the operator to launch prints directly from anyplace in the store when the purchase has been confirmed

Local Backoffice

Local Backoffice

To manage production reports and set prices to your products.

Priting in store

Printing in store with connection to professional printers

Printing system allows connection to all the common equipment on the market


Ready to start

System immediately available. Remote installation and support.


Scalable solutions

Imaxel offers you kiosks, ecommerce websites and mobile apps to open you new channels of  businesses

More details about Snapprint

Which is the business profile?

Photography and mobile stores, paper stores, decoration, convenience stores … There isn’t a unique profile for use Snapprint.

Which products can I offer with Snapprint?

A selection of popular sizes, 10×15, 15×20, 15×30 and enlargements.

What is Snapprint?

A turn-key solution which includes: software technology, a dye-sub printer, finishing products, point of sales communication materials, online technical support…


All that inspires us and all we do is for our clients. We work with the spirit of becoming technology partners of our customers and we are committed to achieve their business goals.

“Snapprint has attract the majority of users that take photos from Smartphones to our stores.”

—Joan Cases, CEO of Prints&Friends

“Add photo services such Snapprint in our mobile stores helped us to increases the number of visits per day and monetize our stores”

—William Sanders, Owner of BritishFlash chain

How can we help?

Our goal is to help photo and printing specialists to maximize their business with innovative software solutions to get their customers closer.

Imaxel professional team is always ready to help you. Since 2002 we’ve developed photo software solutions for more than 350 clients in  35 Countries around the world.

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